We are going to take a quick look at 8 ‘must see’ places in this delightful town in southern Spain.:

Balcón de Europa

It was King Alfonso XII who gave this lookout point its name during one of his visits to Nerja. From here you can enjoy the wonderful views out to the Sierra Almijara mountains and Malaga beaches.

Balcón de Europa Nerja
Balcón de Europa

Nerja Caves

These caves will transport you back to prehistoric times as you experience a landscape of stalactites and stalagmites which have formed over the passage of time. Cave drawings dating back 42,000 years have been found here. Make sure to bring the whole family. The caves only close on two days of the year, 1st January and 15th May.

Cuevas de Nerja

Cuevas de Nerja

Los Cahorros del río chillar

The Nerja river walk is a great family activity. It is 16 km there and back but you don’t have to do the whole thing as you can stop half way along the route and enjoy the natural surroundings.

cahorros rio chillar

Cahorros rio chillar

Nerja Town Center

You can enjoy losing yourself in the narrow white streets of the centre of Nerja, which give the town its charming quality. What’s more, the church of El Salvador and the Town Hall are very close by and well worth a visit.

Centro de Nerja

Centro de Nerja


As in any town in southern Spain,  Nerja offers a wide selection of    Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the most notable local dishes include anchovies in a pickle marinade, Nerja-style baby goat, avocado salad, almond soup, cold almond soup, ‘ajocolorao’ (a typical potato and fish dish) and sweet potatoes in honey. You’ll also find restaurants offering a wide range of international cuisine, including Mexican, Indian and Chinese, etc.


Don’t forget that Nerja boasts 14km of coastline, so there are many beaches for you to enjoy. Local beaches such as Burriana and Torrecilla are easily accessible to everyone, including visitors who require wheelchair access. Another notable beach is El Playazo, which stands out due to its having escaped unrestricted urbanisation.

And for those who like to reminisce..”yes Chanquete’s boat is here too”: The popular television series ‘Verano Azul’ was filmed here. You can go back in time and visit a replica of the boat “la Dorada”, from the series.

Surrounding area: Nerja has much to offer both culturally and leisure-wise. However, don’t forget to visit the surrounding area, such as the nearby village of Maro (this is where you can find the Acueducto del Aguila, built in the 19th century) or Almuñécar (where you will find the Castillo de San Miguel, which has been a designated place of cultural interest since 1993, along with many other monuments).